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Perfect Game Builder

Design your uniforms


1. Select Category

2. Select Design

3. CREATE ACCOUNT - please follow all prompts to create account - you will get an email to verify it. 

4. Select "Fabric" (some items may only come in one fabric) and then click right pointing arrow

5. Select "Click on Color Wheel" to select team colors and save colors

6. Select colors for various part of item by clicking on them and then click right pointing arrow

     (You can turn on and off any details for the different parts of the item)

8. Select your text style and colors for any word decoration - click right pointing arrow

9. You can upload any of your own logos - follow all prompts - click right pointing arrow

10. Once complete, you can click "Save and Share"

11. Name design and and then click "save". Once it saves it will then give you an option to download or email directly to us.

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