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Prolook Builder

Design your uniforms


1. Click on builder link below

2. Select a gender 


4. Select a sport

5. Select a pattern

6. It will then prompt you to set up an account - follow all instructions

7. The builder will then populate, select 3 main colors for item

8. Click arrow pointing down and click through each color prompt

9. When done, click APPLICATIONS - usually some decoration will auto-populate. If you click on each one you can personalize from there

10. If you need to delete, click on the application you want to delete and options will pop up on the item mock itself. Click X to delete and then you can rotate, move, and make larger any decoration

11. When done, click SAVE AND CONTINUE

12. Click SAVE DESIGN from pop up

13. Name design

14. From there - it will save and you would click SHARE VIA EMAIL

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