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Online Stores

Let Us Help You GET THE LOOK…Every Time

Getting Started:

Our online stores are a great way to easily sell spirit wear, uniforms or company apparel to your school, team or organization. Our experienced sales team can help you every step of the way to make your store a successful one!


Check out our tips and policies below along with our best recommendations to help your store run seamlessly from beginning to end.

This is a budget friendly store with popular items that are always in stock. These items are often used for a variety of spirit wear stores. They can also be combined with other items.

This store is filled with trending items for group or team sales looking for something new or different to add to their store. Mix this with a few items from the Popular sample for a store that has something for everyone.

This is a sample of a brand name store with higher end items. Fulfillment typically takes longer for this kind of store due to availability and ship time from the vendor. Other brand name stores are also available.


The pricing on your store will depend on the number of colors in your logo and how many decoration locations you choose. Our sample stores below display the current selling price on a variety of items with a front logo in a 1 color, 2 color or 3 color logo option. There are also a handful of items with an embroidered logo option. Screen print pricing is determined by the number of ink colors and embroidered logos are priced by the stitch count. 

If you would like to fundraise with your store, you can add any additional amount to the price shown. That full amount will go directly back to your organization. For example, if you add $2 to every item in your store, your organization will receive $2 for every item sold. 

Note: These are only samples of items we can offer in your store. You can use these as a template for your store or simply as a starting point from our recommendations. There are many additional items and styles to choose from and we can also add accessories like bags, hats and blankets.

Choosing Your Logo

Think branding when choosing the logo you want to offer your group. What logo best represents this sale? We recommend using 1-2 logos for your sale and offering it on a variety of items like tees, hoodies, pants and shorts in mens, ladies and youth sizes so there is something for everyone. Not only does this brand your team, but it also allows the shopper to pick items that fit their style.


If you have more than 2 logo ideas, that’s great! Let’s pick your favorite 2 and then keep the rest on file for your next sale to offer your group new options next time.


Need some inspiration?

CLICK HERE (connect to stock templates) to browse our stock templates and email your rep with the design code.We recommend choosing 1-2 options, but no more than 3.


CLICK HERE (connect to design portal)  to browse our online design portal. There is a search feature to help you find ideas that fit your style and narrow down the options. Be sure to include your name and organization as well as any edits you would like us to make when you submit your design. Your sales rep will reach out to you within 24 hours of when the design is submitted. We recommend choosing 1-2 options.


There are a variety of factors that impact the timeline of your store.

  • We recommend contacting your sales rep about your store 6-8 weeks prior to your desired completion date, which is the date you would like your organization to receive the completed orders.

  • Allow 1 week to have your artwork created and approved

    • Have your logo idea ready. New logo proofs take 2-3 days to complete. 

    • Artwork approval is required to build any online store. The faster a logo is approved, the quicker we can build your store.

    • Making multiple changes to your logo may result in longer store set up time. 

  • Allow 2-3 days to choose your items or let us do it for you! 

    • Let us know your team colors

    • Pick your 2 favorite vendors and let us choose the popular and trending items from the brands you love.

    • Then let us know if there is anything else you would like added to the store

  • Allow 2-3 days for us to build your store after artwork is approved and items are selected

  • Once your store is built and approved, it will run for 1 - 2 weeks max.

  • Orders take 3 weeks to process, decorate and pack after a store closes.

  • The group coordinator will receive an email when the orders are packed and ready for distribution. Group orders can be picked up or delivered to your organization, or shipped individually to homes.

Helpful Tips to speed up the Timeline:

  • Choose one person to be the coordinator of your store that will handle artwork and store approval.

  • Keep it Simple! Too many options can be overwhelming to shoppers and also delay the fulfillment of your stores. The most successful stores are the simple ones!

  • Choose a logo you have on file with us, or limit your logo options to 1-2 logos. Save other logo ideas for your next sale.

  • Choose one of our premade templates from your favorite 2 vendors OR let us choose the items for you. Simply let us know your team colors and the type of items you are looking for and we can build your store.

  • It’s never too early to start! We can have your site ready to go weeks before it is needed so it’s ready to go live when you are.

Multiple vendors + Multiple logo options + Too many items = Longer Fulfillment

Please add an additional 2 weeks to your timeline if creating a complex online store.


  • You can turn any store into a fundraiser for your group! Simply let us know the amount you would like to add to every item and you will receive a check for the amount collected when your store is fulfilled. We will need to know who the check should be made out to and where it will be delivered BEFORE any store is open.

Dos & Don'ts for a successful Online Store

  • DO - Keep it simple!

  • DO start early! Allow 6-8 weeks for desired store completion and order fulfillment when planning your online store.

  • DON’T choose too many logos or items. We recommend 12-15 items and no more than 2 logos for each store.

  • DO choose a logo so your team, school or company is recognized every time

  • DO limit personalization to 2-3 items

  • DO choose up to 3 item colors to offer on your online store

  • DO swap out a few items for each season so there is always something new to choose from.

  • DO review your store preview CAREFULLY before it goes live. We will send you a preview of your store before it goes ive for a final approval. Once it is approved and open, NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE.

  • DON’T offer magnets, water bottles, socks or any item that requires a minimum purchase on your store. We do not want to disappoint anyone in your group if we need to cancel an order because the minimum wasn’t met. 

  • DON’T extend your sale dates. This will cause a longer wait for order fulfillment to those who already ordered.

  • DO advertise your sale and spread the word to your team, school, and organization.

  • DO make sure your group is aware of the closing date. No late orders can be accepted after a sale closes.

Online Store Policies:

  • The store closing date is a hard date and NO LATE ORDERS can be accepted. 

  • ALL DECORATED MERCHANDISE IS NON-RETURNABLE NOR EXCHANGEABLE unless defective or an error was made by Kampus Klothes

  • No changes/additions can be made to a store once it has been opened. This includes logo changes or item/color additions to any product.

  • Store closing date can not be extended.

  • Stores take 3-4 weeks to fulfill AFTER store closing.

  • Profit/Fundraising check information MUST be provided before a store opens

Online Store contact form

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We kindly ask for your patience as we will respond within 2-3 business days.

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